Steering Committee Member Spotlight: Marylin Galimi

Marylin Galimi

St Joseph’s Hospital

Marylin GalimiWhat is a fun fact about yourself? I am originally from Venezuela and love CNY (who wants to live in the Caribbean).

What are your guiding principles in life? To help and service others.

Do you have any words of wisdom for other young leaders? To focus on collaboration in order to achieve a common goal.

What attracted you to Syracuse and why did you decide to stay in the area? I love the location in relationship to major metropolitan areas; i.e Boston, NYC, and Toronto. Great area to raise a family. Access to sports, arts, education, great food all in one small city…and you can get anywhere in 10-20 minutes…

What do you like about Central New York? The change of seasons, beautiful landscape and great friendly people.

What do you hope to improve in Central New York? Access to good jobs for the low income population that will allow them to improve their quality of life.

How would you attract and keep the youth in the Syracuse area? By getting them involved in the community. There are many wonderful organizations that can engage youth to be active members of the community. It can be a running club or community support group. I think the beauty of Syracuse is that it is a small community and once you are involved in one group, you have access to many other groups.

Where do you see the community in the next 10 years? Continuing to grow. Remember ten years ago? There has been great progress in the past ten years…

Is there a local leader you admire and if so, why? My favorite leader is Anne Marie Czyz. Local leader raised in Syracuse, educated in Syracuse, and dedicated to bringing world class healthcare to this region. She is the CNO and COO for St Joseph’s Hospital (nationally recognized)…in addition she is great mom and wife, all this and under 40!

What have you learned while in YLU that you didn’t know before? The collaboration among all the organizations the United Way supports and the level of need in the community.

What YLU event had the greatest impact on you and why? The Christmas Bureau distribution is one of my favorites, it is wonderful to be able to help so many families in need.

Why do you believe in giving back to your community through Young Leaders financial and volunteer commitment?  Because it is the best way to stay connected with the community and help in any way I can.