Steering Committee Member Spotlight: Sabrina Tipton

Sabrina Tipton

Columbian Financial Group

Sabrina Tipton What is a fun fact about yourself? I can play the entire Nutcracker suite on the piano from beginning to end.

What are your guiding principles in life?  Always be kind, no exceptions. Never be afraid to take a risk. Always set goals, and commit to meeting them.

What attracted you to Syracuse and why did you decide to stay in the area? I moved to Syracuse from California for a job in the IT field in 2011. I have stayed in Syracuse because I am excited to see what will happen here in the next few years. The city is constantly seeing improvements, and there are so many opportunities for young professionals.

What do you like about Central New York? I definitely enjoy watching the seasons change and exploring new places. Before I moved to Syracuse I hadn’t seen a snowflake or heard of a salt potato!

What do you hope to improve in Central New York? I hope that our efforts improve the economy of Syracuse and help give those in need a better way of life.

What have you learned while in YLU that you didn’t know before? Before joining YLU, I didn’t realize how much of an impact some of the local organizations made in our community. I also learned that there are so many kind individuals in our community who have dedicated so much of their lives to helping others.

What YLU event had the greatest impact on you and why? I think the YLU event with the greatest impact was the tour of the Salvation Army facilities. The tour gave us a look at different aspects of what they do to help the community. Each part of the tour triggered a different emotion and after it was done, you left with feelings of hope and compassion.

Why do you believe in giving back to your community through Young Leaders financial and volunteer commitment?  I believe that making the commitment to giving at an early stage in your career is important. Making this a part of your lifestyle can improve so many aspects of your career, life, and overall well-being.